An oasis of Peace

Reading about violence, here, there and everywhere, leaves a sick feeling in the heart and the mind. The ones who die are always people going about their daily lives, no way connected with the violence. It is as if life has no value, maybe it does not for people who commit these acts. As it… Continue reading An oasis of Peace


Wild berries

Growing up in a village, and surrounded by fields and forests, my husband  grew up enjoying the taste of  different wild berries, each having their own particular taste. Fortunately , in our small place, on our hill sides with its wild  shrubs and bushes, we find so many wild fruits, some sweet some sour and… Continue reading Wild berries

Generation Gap:))

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”     George Orwell Sometimes I wonder if generation gap is just the difference in the number of years and in the way of thinking between two generations or something more?  Of… Continue reading Generation Gap:))

Books and Books:))

There are books and books and books, some interesting, some serious, some boring and some disgusting. And there are books which are simply beautiful. As we finish them there is this feeling of satisfaction of having lived a great experience.For me one such book is Pather Panchali, written by   Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay.  Long back, I used… Continue reading Books and Books:))

Our Trees

Trees have been worshiped from time immemorial in our country and also in countries across the world. They are a part of our life and give a meaning to it. And it really hurts when they are cut down, a cold blooded murder, all for the sake of money and more money. Fortunately there are… Continue reading Our Trees

Living History

My father in law is 87 and has lived all his life in a village in South India. Listening to him talk about his younger days is like living History. He says in the first sixty or sixty five years of his life there were very few changes. Life went on as it had for… Continue reading Living History