It is the nesting season once more and all around us we birds very busy . They carry dry grass and leaves to wherever they have chosen as the special place to build their home. There is a dwarf variety of areca plant in our garden and its leaves grow in such a way that… Continue reading Perseverance



ONE – In Sept 2012, we had been to Sofia, Bulgaria. While walking along the streets, we saw this old lady selling flowers. There was this expression of calm acceptance on her face. I asked permission to take her photo, she agreed with a smile.

Try, try,try again…

We were watching our grandson trying to turn over on his stomach and as he tried and tried I was reminded of these lines- try,try, try again…. But I had forgotten the rest of the poem. I searched it on the Google and was happy to read it. Try Try Again by T. H. Palmer… Continue reading Try, try,try again…


Every day we hear the sounds of ‘living’ all around us. From early morning we hear birds calling out to each other. The whistling bird  (Malabar whistling thrush) is back again. For the past one week we have been hearing its beautiful whistling. Long back people must have heard it and tried to imitate it… Continue reading Living