Memories of Childhood, World War 2

Unfortunately, acts of violence for the sake of violence have always been a part of human life, all over the world , through the ages. We read about the World Wars in books and magazines and there were so many movies about them. People are sacrificed and people are killed and it just cannot be… Continue reading Memories of Childhood, World War 2



JUXTAPOSITION – The beautiful Ajanta Caves in the distance. One would never imagine that something so beautiful and man made would be found in the middle of forests and mountains.The view point from where the caves were first sighted by John Smith in 1819.


Milestones , those stones by the side of the road showing the distance from one place to another have always been a part of our  childhood. The distance may have been in miles or in kilometres, but they have always been called milestones or ‘mile kallu’ in Kannada. Kallu is stone.  Every summer vacation in… Continue reading Milestones

Our Bulbul Family :)

Sometime in the third week of December, 2013, a bulbul couple decided to build their nest  in our verandah, above the curtain rod, with the curtain as a secure base . We tried our best to discourage them but had not succeeded. The nest made of dried leaves and sticks was built .In the last… Continue reading Our Bulbul Family 🙂

Memories of Childhood; a cherished magazine

Growing up with books we lived in a world of imagination, where anything and everything was possible. We passed on this love to our children by reading aloud to them from the time they could understand, first the pictures  then the story. Magazines and comics like Chandamama, Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha series, Phantom and Mandrake… Continue reading Memories of Childhood; a cherished magazine