Memories of childhood; first train journey

My father,Subramanya Bhat, worked in the Indian Railways from 1958 to 1987 and trains are so much a part of his life. So often I have seen his expression when he watches a train chugging into the platform. There is so much of affection. He gets three free passes in a year from Indian Railways… Continue reading Memories of childhood; first train journey


Reel and real Life Drama

TV serials are very popular in our place and many are faithful followers of at least one or two serials which the feel they just cannot miss. We have so many languages and as many soaps. And when I listen to their stories, there is nothing really different in the story line. Unfortunately most of… Continue reading Reel and real Life Drama


VIOLET – this violet coloured balsam flower blooms during the rainy season by our hillsides. “Flowers don’t worry about how the’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.” ~Jim Carrey


TREASURE Sitting in our verandah, we can see trees all around us. The colour green is so pleasant and soothing. Sitting there, reading a book and looking out at the trees is a pleasure and a treasure:) Trees are something to treasure. In so many places trees are being destroyed and concrete jungles are taking… Continue reading WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE


FIGURE – Figure also means form or shape, as determined by outlines or exterior surfaces: to be round, square, or cubical in figure. In this photo there are different types of figures; of coconuts, of cashewnuts, of a lady ,of stones, of hammer.

A Giving Heart

Sometimes I think  about what exactly does ‘ generosity ‘ means. I know it means that we are willing to help someone in need, either in kind or in cash. Listening to someone with interest is also being generous. How many  people do really listen? Most of us want to tell our part of the… Continue reading A Giving Heart