To Sir with Love:)

Books were a very exciting part of our  childhood. Going to the library, getting books, reading and enjoying and living them were and are a nice part of life. Back then, going to the movies were special occasions. Our parents used to take us to movies like The Sound of Music, Roman Holiday, Good Bye Mr Chips and many more.  They are movies which never age.

To Sir with Love is also one such movie. Whenever I remember my grandfather, I think of this movie. He had been a teacher all his life and taught Maths and English. He had been the Headmaster of the Government High School in a small town in the northern part of our state till his retirement.   He had been very strict but had also been loved and respected by his students and staff. He passed away in 1980 and one of his students wrote this poem about him.

 ‘ River of our innocent country of Boyhood,

   Mountain in our landscapes of later life,

  the sky that covers us from moment like an umbrella,

  the giant dreamer of all our dreams,

  you have now gone to sleep and dreams forever.

How can the burning of your body in Death’s name,

Deprive us of our river, mountain and sky?’

Such a beautiful, loving tribute. What more could one ask for? We are indeed lucky when such teachers come into our life and I have been lucky. They inspire us, show us the way and give us the freedom to make our choice. With their gentle words and actions they make us what we are . Our lives become richer and so much more happier.

Really , To Teacher  with Love.


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