If Health is Lost…

For more than a month, we have been regular visitors to the Hospital. My husband’s brother had to undergo Bypass surgery. The hospital world is a different world. All around us we see people with different types of health problems and the people who come with them to help and support them. Then, the doctors, nurses and students and all those other people who are the backbone of a hospital. Seeing that busy and moving world of hospital I remembered these lines my grandfather used to tell us. He had some favourite quotations which are a part of our lives.
“If wealth is lost nothing is lost,

If health is lost something is lost,

If character is lost everything is lost.
But I am really not very sure whether these lines hold good to these days. It is said even truth changes every ten years. It would not be correct to say nothing is lost if wealth is lost. Whatever said and done, money is very important. Without it life is a struggle to make ends meet. Life just becomes survival from day to day.

On the other hand, if health is lost everything is lost. All the wealth in the world means nothing if we do not have the health to enjoy the wealth. I have heard so many say that their only wish is they should enjoy good health, physical and mental till the end. And they should just go without being a burden on anyone. After saying this they immediately say, ‘ God only knows what is in store for us, we have to do our best n looking after our health and the rest is our fate.

Then what about character? The meaning of character must have also changed over the years. Of course the basic values are the same and will always be the same. What exactly does character mean and would it really be true to say if character is lost everything is lost? I am not so sure. And this is something so subjective and personal. What is right to one person may not be right to another. We could go on discussing about this with each of us being right or wrong. Anyway after seeing the world of hospital , it really bears down us that if health is lost everything is lost.

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” ~Arabic Proverb


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