Changing with the times

One of my memories of childhood is travelling in that bulbous, rather cute looking car from the railway station to our maternal grandparents’ home about 60 kms away. On the way we got to see so many of the cars, both privately owned and public taxis. These taxis used to be packed with passengers. We used to wonder about the number of people sitting inside, but that was quite common. Those were called service taxis, each passenger had to pay the fare, just like in buses.

This was the Ambassador, which has been a part of our country since 1957. It is a very sturdy car extremely suitable for the roads in our country. It was designated the official car of the Government of India. But over the years we have been seeing less and less of the Ambassador. It has been pushed more and more into the background by lighter and faster cars, cars which have changed with the times.

The Ambassador has always been the same. We really do not understand why Hindusthan Motors, the producers of the Ambassador , never considered changing the model to suit advances in the car industry. There were very minor changes, which could hardly be called changes. In the last week of May, the company stopped production of the car because there were no takers. People who grew up with the Ambassador will be filled with nostalgia when they see the last cars on the roads.

I think all of us, not only cars, should accept changes and change with the times or we will go the Ambassador way.
“Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.”






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