Those satisfying moments

“ Sometimes Time is a tyrant that robs us of our best moments. So many things need to be done urgently.”

As I was reading these lines , the truth of it came to mind and also the thought that those moments are lost forever. Those moments may just be quiet peaceful moments or doing something which we want to, and gives us great satisfaction. There is this place by the hill side, where we love to sit and look out to the sea, in the distance, the river flowing towards the sea and watch the sunset. There were open spaces long back, but unfortunately they have been filled with buildings. Thankfully there are other open places. We never tire of those moments.

When I think of satisfying moments I think of my father. My parents go to his elder brother’s home in Mumbai every year . My father worked in The Indian Railways for about forty years and loves trains. In Mumbai, he loves to go by the local train to Victoria Terminus . He spends time in that part looking at all the beautiful buildings then walks to Churchgate station and takes the train back. This is almost like pilgrimage to him, he loves this experience. He is now 83 and my mother was anxious about his going alone this year. He loves to go by himself, taking his own time and enjoying every minute. But, he had his way, thoroughly enjoyed himself. My mother told me he looked years younger on returning home.

I think we should never feel that we are too old to do what we want to do. We know our limitations and will naturally take care of ourselves. I had read somewhere that if we feel we are too old to do something then we should do it at the earliest. Such moments are meant to be grabbed and enjoyed. Age is after all just a number. And it all depends on us.

“Sometimes it’s the same moments that take your breath away that breathe purpose and love back into your life.”      ― Steve Maraboli


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