Those satisfying moments

“ Sometimes Time is a tyrant that robs us of our best moments. So many things need to be done urgently.” As I was reading these lines , the truth of it came to mind and also the thought that those moments are lost forever. Those moments may just be quiet peaceful moments or doing… Continue reading Those satisfying moments

Changing with the times

One of my memories of childhood is travelling in that bulbous, rather cute looking car from the railway station to our maternal grandparents’ home about 60 kms away. On the way we got to see so many of the cars, both privately owned and public taxis. These taxis used to be packed with passengers. We… Continue reading Changing with the times


ORANGE – These are the beautiful Paarijaatha flowers also called night-blooming jasmine. This tree grows in our garden. They are simple beautiful white flowers with orange stalks. The flowers bloom at night giving out a sweet fragrance. Every morning we find them strewn on the ground. According to Hindu mythology this tree was brought from… Continue reading WORD A WEEK PHOTOGRAPH CHALLENGE – ORANGE