And a little more

I am reading The Seven Commandments of Bhagvad Gita by J P Vaswani. The third commandment is ‘ Thou shalt do your duty and a little more.’ As I was reading this so many people came to mind. I remembered all those students who had agreed happily to be scribes to my son during his… Continue reading And a little more


Sometimes he is very disturbed, keeps crying, shouting and running about. There are tears in his eyes and he cannot express the turmoil in his mind through words. And others cannot understand what is going on in his mind. He is a small boy who had been in the care of his grandparents but now… Continue reading Turmoil

A word a week photograph challenge – Traditional

Traditional- long established or customary In our country cradle ceremony is a very important tradition. The baby sleeps in the cradle only after this ceremony. It is usually after the 10th day after offering prayers to God and observing certain rituals. These rituals vary from place to place. All close relatives come for this very… Continue reading A word a week photograph challenge – Traditional