Sometimes he is very disturbed, keeps crying, shouting and running about. There are tears in his eyes and he cannot express the turmoil in his mind through words. And others cannot understand what is going on in his mind. He is a small boy who had been in the care of his grandparents but now they are too old to look after him. His parents did not really want him. They come rarely to see him and he does not recognize him. Maybe a little bit of love would have made a real difference. But it was not to be. In a way it is good that he is where he is, he is looked after well and is not ignored and neglected.

Why do such things happen? Not only to him but everywhere, to all living beings . There is so much violence and turmoil all over the world. Some come to our notice, but most of it is hidden and away from public eye. People suffer in their own private hell. Places bombed, planes being shot down, people tortured and killed through no fault of theirs, people suffering indignities at the hands of other people. Not only human beings but all other animals too. Only human beings are cruel for the sake of being cruel, for their own enjoyment. There is turmoil everywhere and there is this sick, helpless feeling in the pit of the stomach.

This has been happening for ages and will continue to happen. Human nature never changes . I suppose that is the only constant thing in this world.

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One Reply to “Turmoil”

  1. Oh how true, Lakshmi! Humans do not seem willing to care for their own kind, and the natural world seems to come a long way down in the priorities of too many people. Human society is much too focused on money and gaining power over others. We see too much needless suffering in our world – it is quite overwhelming. I think we can only try and make our own small contributions by helping others in whatever ways we can and by doing our bit to care for the natural world on which we are all dependent.

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