And a little more

I am reading The Seven Commandments of Bhagvad Gita by J P Vaswani. The third commandment is ‘ Thou shalt do your duty and a little more.’

As I was reading this so many people came to mind. I remembered all those students who had agreed happily to be scribes to my son during his exams. Some had exams the next day but they did not hesitate to do that ‘little more’. That makes them so special.

I remembered those people in Pushkar and Sofia who came forward to help us when they did not really have to. I cannot even remember their faces. With time we may not remember all that we saw in those places, but we will always remember those people who did that ‘little more’.

Many days ago, we were sitting in the Temple square enjoying the quiet and serenity. An elderly couple were going by with their luggage. They asked a young man for some directions. He not only gave that but went along and showed them the way. He went out of his way to help them, that ‘little more’. It is such small, everyday happenings, seemingly insignificant, that remain a precious part of our lives.

J P Vaswani says, ‘ The opposite of love is not hatred, the opposite of love is apathy- indifference to the needs of those around you.’


(This photo is of the Temple square in our town. The temple to Lord Krishna is more than 800 years old.)

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