The daily post photo Challenge – Summer Loving


Our summers are very hot, but fortunately the rains start in June and the temperature comes down. This year the rains started only in the first week of this month and we are having good rains. The other it was bright and raining. We caught sight of the sun shining through the leaves of the coconut tree, from our house . It was a beautiful sight.


2 Replies to “The daily post photo Challenge – Summer Loving”

  1. It is lovely to hear a positive view on rain! Here in England most people will complain about the weather when it rains … and also we don’t see rain anything like you can experience in India! In our family, we don’t mind the rain and happily walk in the woods when it is wet 🙂

  2. Thanks Peggy, we are so dependent on the rains for our agriculture. Usually the rains start in the first week of June, but this time we had only three days of rain and people were so worried. But we are helpless. But fortunately the rains came. Sometimes I think the way we are cutting down trees, we are inviting trouble, if not now, for the future generations. Lakshmi

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