Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange. When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. This photo was taken last week , it looks as if the mango tree and the coconut tree are busy talking to each other:))

The Daily Post photo challenge – FRAY

Fray also means   to wear or cause to wear away into tatters or loose threads, esp at an edge or end, to become threadbare. Every Deepawali, we light oil lamps ( diya) after sunset. Last year I had lit this lamp with two cotton wicks. The next morning I was surprised to see the cotton… Continue reading The Daily Post photo challenge – FRAY


Windows in the mind

Recently, I read a very good and interesting book , ‘ A Life in Words’ by Ismat Chugtai. It has been translated from Urdu by M Asaduddin. Ismat Chugtai, (1911-1991) is Urdu literature’s most courageous and controversial writer. This book records the events of only a couple of years of her life. She writes about… Continue reading Windows in the mind

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White Photos

I have not taken any black and white photo, but I would like to post this photo. It was taken by my father-in-law’s younger brother in early 1950s. It is their ancestral home in a small village. I had posted a photo of this house in Cee’s fun foto challenge ‘ Squares, triangles and angles’.

Weekly Photo Challenge : SKY

    There is a man made lake in our place. There is a walking track ( 2kms) around it. We have a great time walking there. The calm water and the beautiful sky make it a great evening.  


The beautiful Ellora caves are in Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. we had been there in 2011. These caves with their beautiful sculptures are dedicated to Buddhisim, Jainism and Hinduism. They are awe inspiring. This photo is of my husband in one of the caves


It is monsoon season now and we get heavy rains , but last two days we have been having a break. This photo is in front of our home, it is raining and water is also falling down from the roof.