Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.

This photo was taken last week , it looks as if the mango tree and the coconut tree are busy talking to each other:))



Cee’s fun foto challenge : Roads

Not far from our home is a temple on top of a hill . This road leads to near the temple courtyard and we can also walk up the steps.



Road to Home:)





The Daily Post photo challenge – FRAY

Fray also means 

 to wear or cause to wear away into tatters or loose threads, esp at an edge or end, to become threadbare.

Every Deepawali, we light oil lamps ( diya) after sunset. Last year I had lit this lamp with two cotton wicks. The next morning I was surprised to see the cotton wicks which had been drenched in oil had  become dry and threadbare. The black ants had been very busy:))


Windows in the mind

Recently, I read a very good and interesting book , ‘ A Life in Words’ by Ismat Chugtai. It has been translated from Urdu by M Asaduddin. Ismat Chugtai, (1911-1991) is Urdu literature’s most courageous and controversial writer. This book records the events of only a couple of years of her life. She writes about her days in Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow and tells us about one of her teachers, Dr Tucker, who taught English and according to Ismat Chugtai she was like a river overflowing with knowledge. Dr Tucker could speak on any issue under the sun and little windows opened in one’s mind when one listened to her.

Windows in the mind, such a delightful expression and so expressive.

This reminded me of a book of short stories by Arthur Gordan called ‘ Through many windows’. He tells us about his aunt who had been the founder of Girls Scouts of America. She had told him, ‘ Each of us looks out on Life through windows of our own choosing, and each of must try to interpret the scenes and images that come into view’.

Ismat Chugtai’s book opened a window to a different world in a different time- the life of girls and women in those days and their struggles to achieve their dreams- a life so different and so same.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White Photos

I have not taken any black and white photo, but I would like to post this photo.

It was taken by my father-in-law’s younger brother in early 1950s. It is their ancestral home in a small village.

I had posted a photo of this house in Cee’s fun foto challenge ‘ Squares, triangles and angles’.



Weekly Photo Challenge : SKY






There is a man made lake in our place. There is a walking track ( 2kms) around it. We have a great time walking there. The calm water and the beautiful sky make it a great evening.


The Daily Post Photo challenge- TEXTURE

Texture also means the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface.

The coconut is a very important part of our lives. We use the fruit, the water, the oil from dried coconut. It is grown widely in our place. When we remove the outer layer of the coconut, we get another layer which has a rough texture. We that have to break the brown shell to get to the fruit.