Two sides of a coin

It has been raining and raining. Usually our monsoon
season starts in June. But this year we just had three
or four days of rain in June. We were all so worried.
We depend so much on the rains. We just cannot imagine
life without rains.
From the beginning of July we have been having good rains.
In fact there has been so much rainfall that rivers are
overflowing and dam reservoirs are getting filled to their
capacity. Everyone is happy because the fear of droughts
is terrible. Even now, when we are getting excess rain,
many places in the northern parts of our state are
deficit rainfall.

This happiness is one side of the coin.The other side is
all the misery and trouble faced by the people. So many
people living by the river sides and their house being
washed away. Fields and crops being destroyed. After the
rains recede people will have to start all over again.
How to start and where to start? The government is very
quick in announcing relief but how much will really reach
the people who need it most?
Ultimately people have to depend on themselves .
Life goes on, years go by, the same things are repeated.
I suppose this is Nature’s Law – to give with one hand
and take away with the other.


3 Replies to “Two sides of a coin”

  1. Water is a resource we cannot live without … but getting just the right amount can be a big problem! Do the people who live by the river rebuild their homes and their lives there, or do they move to a place that is less likely to flood? Perhaps it is not a simple decision for them to take.

      1. Ah yes. I wondered if the people might be dependent on the river for their living. Money certainly plays a big part in all our lives … and it does not always seem to be a good thing!

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