Photo a week Challenge – Public Transportation

A few years ago we had the opportunity of going to Lothal, the ancient site of the Indus Valley civilization. We had fun going in this very colourful means of public transportation in that part of the state of Gujarat. This vehicle called JHAKDA  is a combination of the motor bike and open jeep. About fifteen people can sit in it at a time. It was a wonderful experience.




5 Replies to “Photo a week Challenge – Public Transportation”

    1. Yes Peggy, it was wonderful. My husband and I love to see places but not in arranged tour. We go by ourselves and like to travel in the local buses and other means of transport. It is fun because we come into contact with the local people and it is nice talking to them. In Northern part of our country, Hindi is the most frequently used language. Both of us know Hindi well so we find it very easy to talk to people and go about by ourselves. In South India there is more of English than Hindi. There are so many different languages in our country, but Hindi and English are usually understood by most people. Our mother tongue is Kannada:) Regards, Lakshmi

      1. I can imagine it really adds to the travel experience travelling independently rather than with a tour group. I was really interested to learn what you were saying about the different languages and where they are spoken in India. India is such a large country compared to the UK. We also enjoy talking to people when we are away … and quite often when we are out walking in our own area and meet visitors from elsewhere too! 🙂

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