A Photo a week challenge : Livestock

This photo is in my husband’s uncle’s home in our village.  Our grandson is fascinated by the cows in the cowshed.


Cows in the temple square, livestock of the temple


Cows returning home in the evening:)



Cee’s Fun foto challenge- bare feet and/or shoes

Ours is a temple town with a very old temple to Lord Krishna. This photo is of the Temple Square . People walk bare feet during the daily rituals .


The Arabian sea and the beach not from our home.


Our grandson loved to climb up the stairs:)



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – the colour green

The colour green is my favourite and there so many different shades of green. Of course it is true for all colours.

Green and white croton plant


The pool in the middle of an areca garden in our village.


The green lawn and the green leaves.


In the photo below, ( Colocasia leaves) are used to prepare different dishes.


Back to Childhood:))

The first two weeks of this month just flew by but every minute of those days went by in slow motion. Our grandson had come and all of us were together again. My parents too had come. We had been to see his other great grandfather. Our whole world revolved around him. Everything he did was a joy and we loved all those moments.

He took us all back to childhood, we experienced all those little things through him. Growing up and out of childhood we take so many of those simple joys for granted, in fact we do not even notice them. The sun rays were streaming through the window and he was fascinated and was trying to catch those otherwise invisible particles.

One day a butterfly lost its way and came into the verandah and was flying around trying to find its way out. He watched it and was even a little scared when it came too close. Once he went after a little spider, this took me back to those days when my cousin’s son used to crawl after ants.

It was nice to his grandparents enjoying all his little antics like pulling my father’s glasses, playing peek a boo and listening to my mother telling him a story. He would not have understood the story but her voice fascinated him and he listened with fascination and concentration. My father-in-law loved to swing him up and down, both loved the experience.

Bindis fascinate him, the moment he sees us with the bindi, he has to remove it and stick it on to others. We had been to the beach, at first the waves scared him but later he enjoyed playing in the water and danced back and forth with the waves. We enjoyed watching him.

Every little thing is full of wonder. Watching and learning and getting whatever he wanted, we were all at his service. Childhood is a wonderful time for most children and watching him, I think of all those children who have no childhood as such. Why does that happen? There are answers and they leave a sick feeling in the heart and the mind. It seems as if there are no solutions. So people say, ‘that is their destiny’. But that does not satisfy the questions that keep coming to mind and there is this feeling of being so helpless.

Back to childhood

The Daily Post Photo Challenge- Refraction

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.”

We had been in Sofia, Bulgaria, two years ago. the Sofia Synagogue  is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. It was a great experience just sitting inside with all that beauty, serenity and quiet. The sunlight through the window panes added to the atmosphere.