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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Ephemeral

Show us what ephemeral means to you. It could be a dry leaf floating on an errant breeze, the sleep-floppy smile of your waking three-year-old, or the cake that turned out just right before the hungry hordes descend on it. So looking forward to see the fleeing moments you’ll capture!

Ephemeral –  lasting for a very short time.

Very early morning we were on our way to our native place, the first photo is just before sunrise and then the rising Sun and its rays through the trees 🙂 These moments are ephemeral and then the whole world changes:) till the next morning and it is a different day.



Song of the Road

Travel theme : Outdoors

Last year, the monsoon season had just started and one Sunday we decided to go two temples, they had been on our wishlist for some time. We set out on a cloudy day.


It was raining 🙂


The river beside the second temple.


a mud road 🙂


Outside a small shrine


The outdoors from inside:)


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A Photo a week Challenge : Tilted

Have you ever tilted your camera on accident and then thought “Wow, that works!” If you have some time to work with your subject (or subjects), try some shots with your camera tiled from slightly to wildly and see what happens. It can add a unique twist to a commonplace image.

Actually in these photos I did not tilt the camera, but the subjects tilted themselves:)

These two boys were enjoying themselves climbing trees, I asked them if I could take their photos, they happily obliged. I have print-outs of the photos but I never met them again. They told me they were doing ‘circus’.



Hope to try tilting my camera soon, thanks for the new idea:))

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Weathered Wood

In our villages, wherever areca nut trees are grown, the trunk of the dead and weathered areca nut tree are used as bridges across small streams or water channels.





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The Daily Post photo Challenge :) Fresh

These photos were taken last year in October,  during the end of the monsoon season in our village in the areca garden. Channels are made for water to flow to all the trees from natural ponds. The water is fresh rainwater. Our grandson enjoyed himself .




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A Photo a week Challenge : Dead centre

This photo is of a seed which is called ‘ ajjana gadda’ in Kannada. It literally means ‘ grandfather’s beard’. The seed in the centre with hairs around it, this helps the seeds to fly from one place to another.


The unfolding, new leaves in the centre of this plant look so beautiful:)




Ruskin Bond is one of our favourite authors. The other day I got his book, ‘A flight of pigeons’ from the library. It was written sometime in the 1970s and reprinted in 2014. He writes in the Introduction which was written in 2002, “ I feel this novella still has some relevance today, when communal strife and religious intolerance threatens the lives and livelihood of innocent law-abiding people. (unfortunately this is true even now ) It was Pascal who wrote : ‘ Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

This brought to mind conversations I had had with my friends sometime ago. We are born into our religion. Customs and traditions are an important part of our lives. Whether we follow them or not is left to us. But listening to my friend I realized that many do not have the freedom to lead their lives as they wish to. They are controlled by their religion. It is as if they follow all the rites and rituals not because they want to but mainly out of fear. And this fear is not just of bad consequences but also the fear what ‘people’ would say. And just who those people are, I could not understand. Yes, there are enough and more people who are always ready to criticize and pass their comments. The fear of getting a bad name is very strong and with it is the fear of being blacklisted. My father-in-law used to say that long back men were expelled from the community if they married outside the community or if they married widows! Social pressure played a very important part in the lives of people and for many it still does. I asked if the younger generation was also expected to follow all the rules and regulations. The answer was yes, otherwise the parents would get a bad name and be labelled as bad parents.

It seemed to me that it was stranglehold from which there was no escape. So much control seems so suffocating. Maybe I feel this way but for many, like my friend, it is a part of their daily lives, a routine. She says all the rites and rituals are so much a part of her life that she just cannot imagine not following them.

In our community we do have our own rites and rituals but somehow they have never controlled us, the fear of what ‘people’ will say is not there, we have more freedom. Of course it depends on people, what they think and what they believe. People who are interested, enjoy doing all that their religion wants them to do. Their belief and faith is always with them. I think when control and fear and belief reaches the extreme, what Pascal says becomes true. Really unfortunate.
“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”
― Rabindranath Tagore


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Abstract

This week’s topic is Abstract Photography.  Here is a definition I found which may help you out.

Like abstract art, abstract photography concentrates on shape, form, colour, pattern and texture. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object. The subject of the photo is often only a small part of the idea of the image. Viewers may only know the essence of the image subject or understand it by what is implied. 

Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself. The subject tends to come second to seeing. The impact of aspects of the subject become a form of expressing the point.



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A word a week Photograph Challenge : Float

This pool is in the middle of the areca garden in our village. It is more than 25 feet deep and two months into the monsoon season, it is full and children through the years have enjoyed swimming here. Floating in this pool is great fun for the swimmers:)



The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Wall

Earlier walls in our rural places  were built with laterite stones. They were not cut into  a definite shape. They were just kept on top of each other to the required height. If they were not stable, a small stone was used to fill the gap. Now such walls are not built. But those which were built decades ago still survive and they look beautiful. The feeling of aging gracefully comes to mind when we see them:)