The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Ephemeral

Show us what ephemeral means to you. It could be a dry leaf floating on an errant breeze, the sleep-floppy smile of your waking three-year-old, or the cake that turned out just right before the hungry hordes descend on it. So looking forward to see the fleeing moments you’ll capture! Ephemeral –  lasting for a… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Ephemeral

Travel theme : Outdoors

Last year, the monsoon season had just started and one Sunday we decided to go two temples, they had been on our wishlist for some time. We set out on a cloudy day. It was raining 🙂 The river beside the second temple. a mud road 🙂 Outside a small shrine The outdoors from inside:)


Ruskin Bond is one of our favourite authors. The other day I got his book, ‘A flight of pigeons’ from the library. It was written sometime in the 1970s and reprinted in 2014. He writes in the Introduction which was written in 2002, “ I feel this novella still has some relevance today, when communal… Continue reading Stranglehold

A word a week Photograph Challenge : Float

This pool is in the middle of the areca garden in our village. It is more than 25 feet deep and two months into the monsoon season, it is full and children through the years have enjoyed swimming here. Floating in this pool is great fun for the swimmers:)