Travel theme : Outdoors

Last year, the monsoon season had just started and one Sunday we decided to go two temples, they had been on our wishlist for some time. We set out on a cloudy day.


It was raining πŸ™‚


The river beside the second temple.


a mud road πŸ™‚


Outside a small shrine


The outdoors from inside:)



7 Replies to “Travel theme : Outdoors”

  1. What nice photos – I especially like the lushness of the vegetation. I have always wondered how people survive monsoons, but I guess people adapt to their situations. We do have heavy rains and floods in Zambia but not as much as I have read about or seen on the news.

    1. Thanks Zambian lady, yes the monsoons are a vital part of our lives, I just cannot imagine what life would be without them. Here the weather is becoming hotter and people are waiting for June when the rains will start:)) Regards.

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