Over the years I have admired many people and they have influenced me in some way or the other. They may not be around but are a part of my life. But, somehow I have never been able to ‘hero-worship’ anyone. What is it that makes a person eligible for being hero-worshipped? I don’t think… Continue reading Hero-worship

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Early Bird

“This week (and especially if you’re among those who find the early bird concept cringe-worthy), I encourage you to set your alarm for the early hours, grab your first (several) cups of coffee, and challenge yourself to capture an outstanding photograph in the early morning light.” Sunrise is a beautiful moment. I enjoy those moments.… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Early Bird

Sunday Stills, challenge : Cups

Here is a nice easy challenge, coffee,tea, drinks, from the lowly solo plastic cup to your morning coffee cup and antique tea cups lets see what you can come up with for this week.. Glasses of hot coffee:) A steel cup to the left.