Over the years I have admired many people and they have influenced me in some way or the other. They may not be around but are a part of my life. But, somehow I have never been able to ‘hero-worship’ anyone. What is it that makes a person eligible for being hero-worshipped? I don’t think there is any definite answer.

I have seen at close quarters students almost worshipping their teachers. There is so much respect, love and admiration. When I see this there is a feeling of humbleness and wonder. To inspire such feelings there must be goodness, knowledge and humility and so much more in the person. It is not that such people are perfect, everyone has plus and minus points and those minus points don’t really matter. Just imagine a perfect person !!! Life would be very difficult for such people. When I think about hero-worship I remember what happened a few months ago. My grandfather had been the Headmaster of a Government High School in a small town in the northern part of our state. He lived there for more than forty years. He had been a very good teacher of English and Maths. He was also a very strict and just disciplinarian. But it seems most of his students felt it an honour to have been guided by him. My grandfather passed away in 1980. Early this year my father and I met an old student from that Government High School. Upon learning who my father was, he said with great pride that he had been my grandfather’s student. It was a nice moment.

These are the people who keep trust, who keep faith.

But what happens when people whom we believe and admire break trust? Such people may be a part of our daily life or they may leaders; religious, social or political. There must be feelings of disbelief and shock and disgust, the slow seeping in of anger and sadness. There would be this belief of never being able to trust anyone in the future. But human nature is strange and unexplainable. Many a times, in spite of everything, people continue to hero-worship, they continue to believe, firmly convinced that those who think otherwise are biased and strong.

Strange indeed are the workings of the human mind !!