Vacation Time :))

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
“Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what
you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch.”
Evelyn Glennie

Vacation time


Little Things

Our son, daughter and grandson have come for a visit, my parents are here too and we are living our childhood once more. Life has become so much busier in such a nice way. We are back in our childhood and all those little things which so delight our grandson bring delight to us too. We are seeing life through his eyes. The look of excited anticipation and the happiness on his face as can do what he wants to do bring a smile. Children look at things so differently. He was making something with his Lego set and he told us it was an aeroplane, in his own words and actions. To our adult eye it did not look like one but our imagination is so very different. Their imagination knows no limits.

These small things are so full of life and many a time as we grow older we take them for granted. They are there, somewhere in the background. We do not even remember them, and even if lose them, we do not really know that we have lost something precious.

As I was watching our grandson, I remembered my two young friends. They are an important part of my life. Every afternoon at 3.30, they used to go to the gym. Every day they go at the same time. But every time they are so excited, they start counting the minutes and keep looking at the clock as the minute hand moves forward. People do not think of them as normal in the accepted sense. But, sometimes as I watch them, I feel we let everyday things become a monotonous routine. They are something which we have to do and not something we want to do.

Why and when does this happen?

As I write this I remember these lines. I do not remember who wrote them.

‘ One seed can start a garden,

One drop can start a sea,

One doubt can start a hating,

One dream can set us free.’


(The photo is of my parents with their great grandson)

Travel Theme : Hats

Head coverings made from the leaves of the areca tree are used by people in our villages. They are used against the sun. They are made at home and usually worn the whole day, while working. Here this lady has roasted cashew nuts and is breaking the outer shell. The nut is inside.



The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Enveloped

The areca nut or betel nut tree is grown in our place. The inflorescence (flowers) are enveloped by a sheath. The sheath opens and the flowers are seen. The fruits start appearing after a month. They are first green in colour and over a period of time they become orange. They are then plucked and dried.





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Pick a Topic from My Photo

This week’s topic is the color Pick a Topic from My Photo.  Here are a couple topics I’ve thought about for this photo and I am sure you all will think up other topics as well.


The lake in our place, which is to the brim during the monsoons. Reflection of the trees:)


Rain/ Water and a red car


Windows and my  my father-in-law


Huge vessels or containers.


Lines and Shapes