Fly away little bird…

These words came to mind when I saw the two little birds in their small cage. I had read these lines long back and I don’t remember who wrote them.

‘ Fly away little bird, fly high, but keep your feet on the ground’.

But here their feet were in the cage. A cage is a cage whether it is golden one or an ordinary one. I remember the story, The Nightingale, the little bird belonging to the emperor living in a golden cage. It really hurts to see birds in a cage, they are supposed to fly far and high. But, I am told these imprisoned birds cannot fly because they are used to only that much space. It is said that people who capture them clip their wings.

That is human nature.

I often wonder what would happen if we were kept in a cage or confined within four walls. It happens. Sometimes we read about families being confined within their homes for years. How is it possible? And I remember reading in a Mandrake comic about aliens coming to Earth and capturing living beings and taking them to their planet and keeping them in cages. Mandrake and Lothar rescue them. But in real life, so many countless, nameless people live and die in cages, cages of their own making or in those made by others.

A few years ago we had been to a bird park in Malaysia, where most of the park had been covered by a net. The birds had their trees and water holes and so much more but everything under the nets. There is the illusion of freedom. But, it is so much better than those small cages, whether for birds or for other animals.

Anyway, there is nothing like complete freedom. We too are bound by so many chains, and in some places the chains are too many. It very difficult to imagine the lives of people living in such places. And it comes home to us that we are lucky if we have the freedom to lead our lives as we want to. What we do with that freedom depends on us.

“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.”
~Jacques Deval (French playwright and director.)

Flying high


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