A Sea of Change

The other day my friend was talking with nostalgia about her childhood in her village. She is only forty. In the past fifteen years there has been a sea of change not only in her village but in most villages in this coastal region of our country. She remembers fields and fields of paddy fields,… Continue reading A Sea of Change

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Symbol

The Peepal tree has great religious significance in our country. They are usually grown near our temples. They are also a symbol of our Gods and Goddesses. This tree is in front of a temple to Lord Ganapati. http://www.astrospeak.com/article/the-magical-peepal-tree http://www.thecolorsofindia.com/peepal/ http://www.udupipages.com/temples/anegudde-vinayaka-temple.php


I have always loved the books by James Herriot. He writes a lot about shepherds and their flock. For the lay person all sheep look alike but for the shepherd each and every sheep has its own personality and are so different from each other. I remembered this as we were walking on the streets… Continue reading Knowingness