A Photo a week challenge : Perfect Sky

We had been to London last month. One afternoon we joined a walking tour. It was a perfect afternoon, bright and sunny. A perfect sky was a good background for some photos:)







A Sea of Change

The other day my friend was talking with nostalgia about her childhood in her village. She is only forty. In the past fifteen years there has been a sea of change not only in her village but in most villages in this coastal region of our country. She remembers fields and fields of paddy fields, cows grazing in those fields after the harvesting. All the people of the village used to help each other during sowing and harvesting. At other times sweet potatoes, lentils and other crops were grown. Even now when they get sweet potatoes from the market, they remember the taste of those that they had grown in their village. The streams and ponds were fun to play in. Now everything has changed, all those fields have disappeared and houses and other buildings have taken their place. She says it hurts to go back.

When I was listening to her, I remembered the words of my father-in-law. He is ninety. Back in those days no one even in their wildest dreams imagined such changes. His small village had been self-sufficient. The same was the case in all villages. There was no outside influence and no good means of transport. Most people lived and worked in their own villages. But now everyone has moved away due to better education and job opportunities elsewhere. There are changes in every sphere of life. These changes are bewildering to those who have experienced the difference .

Changes happen every minute, not only around us but within us too. It all depends on how we respond to them. If we accept the changes and keep learning from them and enjoying them, I believe we remain mentally active till the end. Looking back through rose coloured glasses is fine to a certain extent but we should change with the times.

I remember the words of my favourite relative. She said she accepts life as it comes and does not worry about what happens and what does not. Changes happen and no one can stop them, so it is better to accept them. This does not mean we have to change completely.

A very positive way of life.

sea of change


I have always loved the books by James Herriot. He writes a lot about shepherds and their flock. For the lay person all sheep look alike but for the shepherd each and every sheep has its own personality and are so different from each other.

I remembered this as we were walking on the streets of Oxford along with our walking tour group. Oxford is a beautiful place and at first glance all those beautiful buildings look so similar but they are so different. Our guide told us something very interesting about the importance of architecture. According to him the architect of a religious building would have achieved his dream if people experienced a feeling of wonder upon entering that place and felt they were in the presence of God. The religious buildings, the colleges, the library buildings (Bodleian Library), all have their own special architecture, which makes them so different from each other. Architecture also gives an atmosphere and there is a feeling of recognition, an awareness, on entering the place.

Of course, just the architecture does not make a place. Important are the people in that place and the emotions of the people who enter the portals. It is they who give importance to the plus and minus points of the place. I feel people see what they want to see.

Writing about emotions and awareness I remember our visit to Wimbledon a few days earlier. It had been a very precious time for us. For most tennis lovers Wimbledon is very special place. It was an amazing experience to see all that was in the museum and the highlight of the day was seeing the Centre Court in person. The official who took us there was very nice and answered all our questions. Till then we had seen the place only on TV and it was a beautiful moment to just look down from the stands. I have been following Wimbledon from the days of Chris Evert and Borg. This year is more special.

This same knowingness is there with people too. With some, there is this feeling of rapport and with others a feeling of not liking them even if they are strangers. Why this is so? There is no answer.