The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Today Was a Good Day

For this week’s photo challenge, select and share a series of photographs. You can piece together what you consider an ideal day, recount a memorable day, tell a (visual) story, or show us some of your favorite things. The areca garden in our village, is in different level. During the monsoon season the excess water… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Today Was a Good Day

Death comes as the End

I remembered this title of an Agatha Christie book when I read about the death of a senior citizen in the paper some time ago. He went back to the building as he had forgotten some papers. He waited for the lift, the door opened and he stepped in. Unfortunately, the door had opened but… Continue reading Death comes as the End


My friend was busy brooding over the past and worrying about the future. It would be so much more comfortable if we just could move on from one stage of life to the next without any soul-searching. But that is easier said than done. Listening to my friend, my thoughts went back to the previous… Continue reading NOW