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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Sense of Smell

This week’s topic is the colors of the sense of smell.   This week is all about things you smell.  The smell can delight you like your favorite spice or the smell could just be distinctive like a stunk and not so pleasing.  Be creative and have fun.

The fragrance of flowers 🙂


This photo is in the Spice market, Istanbul, the aroma of spices 🙂


There is something very special about our temples, the moment we enter we are taken into a world of fragrances, that of incense,flowers and, sandalwood paste, coconuts. It is a different place.



Indrani (2)


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A photo a week challenge : Wood

A few years ago we had been to Vadodara in the state of Gujarat. We had been to see this beautiful mansion called Tambekar Wada. This building is almost 140 years old. The wooden railings of the balconies add to the beauty.


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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Change

This week, show us a change in progress. This can be done in one or multiple photos — we’ll let you decide!

In our place there is this huge lake. Long back mud had been removed to make bricks. over the years, during monsoon season water filled up in this place. But now the lake has been enlarged and deepened too. There is a walking track around the lake. The water level changes over the months and in peak monsoon the water reaches the brim.

In March this year.

March 2015 (7)

In May this year

May 2015 (2)

In August this year


A few days ago





Everyday Happenings

Looking at them enjoying their favourite serial brought to mind how important these everyday happenings are in our life. In so many places around the world, due to violence and other disturbances like people leaving their homelands to other places in search of a better life, these everyday happenings are just a dream, a dream which remains a dream for many, And we, who have not really faced such upheavals take them for granted. We yearn for a change or changes in our lives, something to break the monotony. Changes are important, they make it possible for us to look at life differently.

But what would life be like without this continuity?

Long back I had read a book about the lives of army wives, the story was set in early twentieth century. The families were always on the move. The ladies used to embroider tapestries because they took a long time to complete. In each new place their tapestries gave them a sense of continuity and a routine. Such a good idea.

It is only when our world turns upside down that we long for those everyday happenings, our daily routine. Some time ago an acquaintance said with longing that she wished she could just sit and watch her favourite serials. Her husband was seriously ill. This longing was not for the serials as such but a longing for those days when life had been uncomplicated and free of worries. She longed for the earlier routine, monotonous days. Whatever their minus points, our TV serials do give a continuity to our everyday life. They go on and on and never seem to have an end.:)) But people who watch them are so involved in them that they even talk of the characters and their everyday happenings as something that really happens.

Days can be boringly monotonous or interestingly monotonous. It all depends on us.

As I write this I remember this poem which I had read long ago in a book by Essie Summers, I had written it down because it touched me.
‘Sometimes today, with wanton cruelty,
Deals our sweet yesterday a mortal blow.
That takes from us all the expectancy
Of happier days to come,
Of fair tomorrows.
Yet often in the fullness of God’s time,
A trumpet sounds across His smiling hills.
And in the dawning of another Day,
Some glad Tomorrow every dream fulfills.’


Song of the Road

Cee’s Fun of Foto Challenge : Sense of taste

There is something so beautiful in seeing children wholeheartedly tasting and enjoying their food.



Enjoying milk:) from his grandfather’s hand.




Travel Theme Photo Challenge : Move

Children are always on the move, Our grandson:)




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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Grid

This week, make a grid the centerpiece of your photo. Next week, they can lapse back into our photographic subconscious, but this week, let’s give them some time in the sun!

We had been to London in June. The Natural History museum was a wonderful experience, both inside and outside:)



The Victoria and Albert museum was equally fascinating:)



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A Photo a week challenge : Unusual clouds

Clouds are fascinating:) These clouds above the lake in our place are beautiful.

Dec 2014



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Hearing

Our visit to Greenwich had been a wonderful experience. It was good to hear about all that we saw in the museum.






The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Monochromatic

We had been to London in June. We were on a cruise on the Thames, when we saw this building . Looking at all those glass panes left us wondering about the interiors.