Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Sense of Smell

This week’s topic is the colors of the sense of smell.   This week is all about things you smell.  The smell can delight you like your favorite spice or the smell could just be distinctive like a stunk and not so pleasing.  Be creative and have fun. The fragrance of flowers 🙂 This photo is… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Sense of Smell


A photo a week challenge : Wood

A few years ago we had been to Vadodara in the state of Gujarat. We had been to see this beautiful mansion called Tambekar Wada. This building is almost 140 years old. The wooden railings of the balconies add to the beauty.

Everyday Happenings

Looking at them enjoying their favourite serial brought to mind how important these everyday happenings are in our life. In so many places around the world, due to violence and other disturbances like people leaving their homelands to other places in search of a better life, these everyday happenings are just a dream, a dream… Continue reading Everyday Happenings

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Grid

This week, make a grid the centerpiece of your photo. Next week, they can lapse back into our photographic subconscious, but this week, let’s give them some time in the sun! We had been to London in June. The Natural History museum was a wonderful experience, both inside and outside:) The Victoria and Albert museum… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Grid