The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Treat

This week’s photo challenge theme is “Treat,” an intentionally open-ended prompt. For many, candies aren’t a favorite indulgence. Maybe you’re a savory food lover, or you’ve gone on a beautiful vacation to treat yourself. Perhaps some quiet time alone with a beloved novel is your greatest pleasure. This week, share with us a photo of… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Treat

A Photo a week Challenge : Pretty in Pink

Recently at a family wedding, cousins of the bride wore bright pink saris and looked very pretty in pink🙂 Pink flowers are beautiful:) The next flower is called Suryakanti ( Surya is sun ), it is white in the morning and by evening it becomes a beautiful pink.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Careful

This week, show us something careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care. Applying mehandi to the hands is a work of art and requires careful handling and concentration. Many have mehandi trees in their gardens. Earlier the leaves were ground to a paste, many… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Careful


James Herriot is one of my favourite writers, I was re-reading his book, Dog Stories. It is a collection of delightful stories, but some are very sad. They reflect the selfish, unfeeling cruelty of human beings. One such story is ‘Abandoned’. It is about those people who just abandon their dogs when they have had… Continue reading Abandoned

The Daily Post photo Challenge : (Extra) ordinary

Mundane and meaningful objects. Beautiful everyday things. This week, surprise us with something or someone (extra)ordinary. I expect wildly different and very personal takes on this theme, (Extra)ordinary, because our own ideas and experiences will shape our interpretations. What’s mundane yet meaningful to you? What’s a beautiful everyday thing? Or, maybe you can capture an ordinary setting or common scene that… Continue reading The Daily Post photo Challenge : (Extra) ordinary