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Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #7 Vertical Lines


Vertical lines are the natural compliment to the horizontal lines we talked about last time. Like horizontal lines, they have a significance and meaning of their own that can be quite powerful when used intentionally in a photograph.  Vertical lines can create a strong focal point in a picture. Strong vertical lines show height, strength, and power. You can emphasize those characteristics by using your vertical lines carefully.A vertical line doesn’t necessarily have to be a structure like a flagpole or a building. It just has to be something that creates the illusion of a vertical line, like a furrow in a field or a line of trees in a orchard.

Show us 4 to 6 photos show strong vertical lines, using both portrait and landscape.

The mustard plants in the field stand upright with beautiful yellow flowers. This is in Rajasthan.


In the courtyard of a palace, the old buildings on either side. Good examples of strong vertical lines.

laxmi 050

Another old fort and we are in the balcony:)

laxmi 015

The temple of Lord Brahma in Pushkar, the beautiful blue pillars.

laxmi 030

The awe inspiring Mehrangarh fort 🙂

laxmi 054

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