Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #8 Diagonal Lines


‘There really is not a lot to say about diagonal lines except they appear to be more dynamic.  Depending on the type of diagonal line you have, it can add tension to your image. In addition to this, diagonals can serve the same purposes as horizontal and vertical lines in that they can guide the eye, and act as frames for a specific area of the photo.  Diagonal lines can be placed in any direction in your photo.

Another fun thing about diagonal lines is you can break the horizontal and vertical rules.  Sometimes you can really create an art piece by making an item run diagonally.  Just make sure that your photo makes sense. ‘

Reading about diagonal lines, reminded me of our grandson on the easy-chair:)


Another fun photo of our son and grandson, who is sitting on a sari and wants to be pulled around:)


The branches of the tree make diagonal lines.


My father-in-law trying to drop coconuts using a bamboo stick:)


The pulley of the well, used to draw water.


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