The Unknown Future

I have been lucky to read two wonderful books this month and the thought that came to mind as I reached the last page was this quotation by someone unknown, “ Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.’ Books which we love take us into another world and the characters in the them become real people for us.

I am now reading ‘In memory yet green’ by Isaac Asimov. It is his autobiography. He is one of my favourite writers and I am living every moment of the book. A few years ago I had read his Foundation series. They had been an exciting journey into the far future. The author imagines a very changed world but human nature has not changed. I don’t think we would be humans if that changed.

The far future is unknown to us but recent events of violence and bloodshed make us realize that even the very near future is unknown to us. The very next moment can be so different from what we imagine. Did those people attending the concert in Paris imagine that life would change so drastically? They were enjoying the music and then everything changed. Natural calamities or man-made ones, they do take us by surprise. We like to believe that we are prepared. In our own lives, something happens and the course of our life changes. We are left thinking ‘we never dreamt that life would change so much.’

In my country many firmly believe ‘what is to happen will happen, we have to do our best and leave the rest to that higher power in which we believe.’ In a way this belief helps people to accept whatever comes their way. This acceptance makes it so much more easier to face the unknown future.

Writing about the unknown future reminded me of these lines written by Gerald Massey. I had read them long back in a Mills and Boon book by Essie Summers. Those were the days of Mills and Boons. :))                        But Essie Summers is still one of my favourite authors.
‘Not by appointment do we meet
Delight or joy,
They heed not our expectancy.
But round some corner
Of the streets of Life,
They of a sudden greet us with a Smile.’

The unknown future


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