Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds Introduction

This week’s CCY Theme is Rule of Thirds Introduction.


Any experienced photographer will tell you that the Rule o Thirds is perhaps the most essential of rules, but they probably can’t tell you WHY it works. The truth is that we don’t know, but it just does. We don’t know enough about the brain and how it works to answer the why of it.

People are going up but the field on the right, lower level adds something to the picture.


Some time ago we had been going to the temple and as we turned, we stopped to take a photo of this water tank.


The hoarding looks much bigger than it is 🙂


The chimney of an old tile factory and the fronds of the coconut tree.


The length and breadth of the road and the height of the building.


Sunlight reflected on the water


Cee's compose-yourself challenge

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  1. I enjoy the placement of the signs, in the lefthand third. I just realized looking at these that I probably would have taken the signs head-on, but the way you did it is much more effective. The sign itself is only part of these photos, being in place in a scenery shot. Thanks for this tip! Congratulations…these photos are great. 🙂

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