Writing 101, Poetry: The Commons -CAMOUFLAGE

Day 9: Camouflage
For today’s poem, take inspiration from camouflage — you may apply it in any way you like, whether you write about visual or social dissimulation, or focus on the way we hide our myriad emotions, actions, and reactions. What would be your ultimate smokescreen, concealment, or mask?

God or Nature
Has bestowed on them
The gift of camouflage.
Birds and animals
Know by instinct
How to survive
In this world,
Where humans think
They rule supreme.
Who forget that everything
In this world
Is Nature’s gift.
They believe it is
Their birthright
To use and destroy.
But other living beings
Use their gift of camouflage
To live life on their terms.
They use Nature’s gifts
But do not destroy them,
For they know by instinct
What is good for them.
But humans tend to forget this
In spite of their
Knowledge and wealth and power.


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3 Replies to “Writing 101, Poetry: The Commons -CAMOUFLAGE”

  1. I like the message that you portrayed here. We must never forget that the Master Creator bestowed these gifts of nature to us and all our knowledge, wealth and power, the are truly nothing but mere gifts as well, which we have sometimes ill-used. I saw the pretty bird in the tree 🙂 Refreshing take on the prompt.

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