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Blogging 101: The Commons

Two notes on assignments…

One! We encourage you to interpret each assignment in a way that makes sense for your blog — that’s why each one includes a description of why we’re doing it, so you can figure out a way to reach that goal in whatever way works for you. If an assignment really just doesn’t seem to work, feel free to (1) ask us for ideas or (2) skip it entirely, and just spend some extra time interacting with folks here and offering feedback. Every blogger and blog is different!

Two! Not all assignments require writing a post. Many assignments, like today’s on titles and taglines, are “behind the scenes” changes you can just make on your blog. If you want to write a post reflecting on these assignments, feel free! But don’t feel obliged, especially if that content doesn’t make sense on your blog.

Hi , My name is Lakshmi Bhat. The title of my Page is MUKHAMANI. It is the combination of three names. In our community each family has its name. Mu is the first two letters of Munglimane, my father’s family. Kha is of Khandige , my husband’s and my family and Mani is the first letters of the place where we live.

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Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Circle

The other evening, I saw the sun looking at me from behind the trees 🙂


The lighted candle in a tin box:)