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Blogging 101: The Commons

Day Four: Identify Your Audience

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Why do this?

  • Writing with a specific person in mind is a great way to focus both your thoughts and your goals for your blog.
  • Exploring new elements and post styles adds more tools to your storyteller’s toolbox.
  • Publishing different types of posts and media adds visual interest and keeps people reading.In your post, include one new kind of element.Trying something new brings an interesting twist to your blog, and thinking about what you post from a different angle is a useful exercise for any blogger. And the more tools you have at your disposal as a blogger, the more effectively you can tell your story.

Blogging University’s Poetry course have made life so much more interesting and fun. I love reading and everyday I pick a certain word and try to write about it and those expressions are a new experience every time. Yesterday I wrote about Angles.

Angles are truths
Which have always
Been a part of life.
Living and non living
Everything has angles.
And every angle
Shows a truth.
The truth of each angle
Is different,
But it is a part of a whole.
Being just a part
Does not make it
Less of a truth.
We humans look
From only certain angles
Which we believe
To be the whole truth.
Pass judgements
And put a label
On everything,
Living and non living.
Without understanding
That angles are
A truth of life.

We have a large lake in our place. It is man-made. There is a walking track around it. These photos have been taken at different times. The lake is the same but every time it looks different.

In December  2014

Dec 2014

In March 2015

March 2015 (5)

In October, when the lake fills to the brim with the rains:)



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