Life Song of the Road


This week’s CCY Theme is Perspective. 

For your weekly assignment I would like to see at least 4-6 photos of photos taken with perspective in mind.  You can either show original photos with a quick description of where the perspective is do a photo shoot like I did (see my essay below) showing perspective of two items.

This photo is taken in a temple. These vessels are used to cook food for the devotees. The smaller vessels have been kept inside the larger vessel and a small vessel on a drum shows the size of the vessels.

Mangaladevi temple 2

The house and the hay stack in the distance, on the other side of the harvested field and trees on both sides show us each stands in perspective of the other.


The toy racing car is small, and the little hand looks so much bigger 🙂


The entrance arch looks so much larger when we see the lady going out . Her presence adds to the dimensions.


The temple chariot, people look so much smaller while standing beside it, and it looks huge.


This boulder on top of a hill looks huge from the perspective of the people standing near it.



Life reflections

Fading Away

The words ‘fading away’ always leave behind a sad feeling. Whenever
I come across them I am reminded of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.
The Ring made Gollum fade away, physically and mentally. The effects
of something evil. Such a terrible situation when we have no control
whatsoever over ourselves. That must be the case in addictions of any
I wish evil of different sorts would fade away but that is being very
unrealistic. Evil is a part of human life. That is one aspect of life.

But fading away of a different type is when Dementia becomes a part
of our lives. Slowly we cease to have control over ourselves as the
brain cells start dying. The person we have always known changes,
slowly and sometimes rapidly in front of us. And we are helpless,
we can do nothing to stop the process. Maybe we can just slow it
down. It is such an emotional trauma to see our loved ones fading
The question that always haunts us is why this has happened, why
couldn’t it be stopped then why has God allowed it to happen. So
many questions and no answers. In the end we tell ourselves it is
destiny, whatever has been written for us will happen. There is no
running away. Many a time this belief and faith helps us to face
whatever comes our way.
Some time ago, my brother sent me some poems from a book,
‘Bob’s Poems’ by Robert Taylor.

Have you watched someone die,
Ten brain cells at a time
How many brain cells do we have
At any given time?
Just imagine what that might be like-
Ten brain cells at a time.
Have you any idea how long it might take-
Ten brain cells at a time?
Not very long for some of us –
For sure,
Ten brain cells at a time.

Fading away