Points of View

We went to a music concert yesterday evening. The Hindustani Classical vocalist took us to different world, where there was only music and the emotions it evoked. On our way back I remembered the comments made by my father-in-law on the rendering of a Hindustani classical singer. :)) My father-in-law is 91 and he has grown up with Carnatic classical music. For him that is The Music.

My husband and son love Hindustani classical music and all its variations and improvisations made by the singers. My father’s elder brother had developed a liking for Hindustani music late in his life. He used to say Carnatic classical music is like mathematics, one has to follow the rules rigidly. For him Hindustani classical music was more enjoyable.

Long back it was as if there was a great divide between the two genres of music. My childhood was spent in New Delhi. I wanted to learn music and I remember my maternal grandfather telling my parents that I was not to learn Hindustani classical music, it would be a waste of time and money. Now due to better means of transport and communication the great divide is no more or at least not like it used to be earlier.

So many points of view about one subject. There are so many angles to everything and to every person in life. It is fascinating as long as one is not involved in the discussions for and against the subject involved. There are as many opinions and beliefs as there are people. It is just not possible for anyone to look and understand from every angle. We all see according to our way of thinking. And most of us believe that our opinions are the best. I think we make our life a better one if we learn to open the windows of our mind.


‘Angles are truths
Which have always
Been a part of life.
Living and non-living
Everything has angles.
And every angle
Shows a truth.
The truth of each angle
Is different,
But it is a part of a whole.
Being just a part
Does not make it
Less of a truth.
We humans look
From only certain angles
Which we believe
To be the whole truth.
Pass judgements
And put a label
On everything,
Living and non-living.
Without understanding
That angles are
A truth of life.’

Maikuri 17th Jan 2016 (16)

8 Replies to “Points of View”

    1. M S Subbulakshmi is one of the greatest singers of Carnatic classical music. She too is no more, but alive for music lovers. There are many singers of both genres. Lyrics and the music are equally important.

  1. Yes, every person has different opinion on different aspects….Music also affects each individual differently…..It is part of the diversity of our mind and thoughts I guess……Since you like music, please check out the blogging contest based on music here http://funkaar.in/contest.html…..It is a verified contest……If interested, do participate….and let your friends know too….Thanks….:)

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