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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Life imitates art

A few years ago we had been to Aurangabad. The Ajanta Caves are an experience of a lifetime. There is this view-point from where we can see the Ajanta caves in the distance. In 1819, John Smith , a British officer first sighted the caves from this place. They had been hidden from human eye for generations.


It is very difficult for us to imagine how these caves were made. They were not built from the base to the top , but from top to bottom. Here we can understand what it means when we say ,’where there is a will there is a way’.
And all the caves have paintings and sculptures which show how important appreciation of beauty has been and will always be, no matter where we are.For all those artisans and monks and others involved in the making of the caves, it was not just a work which they had to do but their way of realizing their true self. We can see their love and devotion in every inch of the caves.


Some of the caves were empty, sitting there was a very serene experience. Art imitates Life and Life imitates art. It goes together.