Life reflections

Our Shadows

Last month I had been to my brother’s place to be with my parents. My mother and I used to go for walks in the evening. It was good to be together and also fascinating to see our shadows going along with us. Shadows have always fascinated me.

Looking at them I was reminded of the words said by my friend. Her mother, who is no more, has always been her strength. Many of her words of wisdom have helped my friend to face whatever has come her way in life. Her husband is an alcoholic who has not helped her in any way. She is a house-keeping staff and has raised her children by herself and has also built a small house of her own. Her daughters are married. Her son and daughter-in-law live with her. Her husband is there too and whatever he earns is for his consumption. She works hard and believes in doing her best. Many a time we walk back together, she takes a bus back home from the main bus stand and I walk back home.

One of her favourite quotes is about shadows and hunger. Her mother used to say that our problems are like our shadows, they will always be with us, they cannot go with anyone else. Problems or shadows of others cannot come with us. It is the same with hunger. We have to deal with what is ours. We should not expect others to solve our problems. They might help us but we have to do whatever is to be done.

So true. These words of wisdom have helped my friend to face life with a very positive attitude.

‘Shadows are fascinating,
They have a dual personality
They are real and unreal.
They are there sometimes
Then they are not there.
Sometimes they are short,
Sometimes they are long.
They move in front of us
And sometimes behind us.
They are a part of us
And cannot be separated.
We are there,
They are there
And we are aware of them
Only when there is light
But they are always with us.
Very much a part of our lives.
Shadows are truly fascinating.’

Hyderabad (42)