The Daily Prompt : Fleeting

Our monsoon season
Spreads over months.
And may days it rains and rains.
Thunder and lightening
Are a part of our life.
Sudden lightenings
Are like fleeting thoughts
Which come into mind unexpectedly
We are not sure from where they come.
Consciously we do not even know
That such thoughts were in our mind,
But they must have been there
At the subconscious level.
For them to surface at unexpected moments.
These fleeting thoughts come and go,
We try to hold on to them
Burt many a time,
They are so fleeting
We often wonder whether
They really came to mind.
But they do come
And leave behind
Tantalising memories.
We are left trying
To remember what those
Fleeting thoughts had been.
But they are fleeting
And very rarely are they caught.



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