Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: #19 Geometry

For your assignment I would like to see at least 4-6 photos showing various geometric shapes within your photos and describe the various shapes.  Please describe what you learned in this lesson as well. Our minds are geared to recognize shapes, wired that way at the deepest level.  When we can recognize shapes and see them balanced on the page, we feel good about the image, even if this happens at such a deep subconscious level that we aren’t aware of the analysis going on internally.

The entrance to a temple, the rectangle of the door and the rectangle of the metal box meant for donations and the rectangle of the notice board.


My father-in-law used to ride his his bullet bike till the age of 70, now he is 91 and enjoyed sitting on the bike of younger relative. The circle of the wheels 🙂


These are foot bridges made from fallen  areca trees . The logs are kept near each other. They form parallel lines.

Maikuri 28thFeb (6)

The circle of a lighted candle


Straight lines and rectangles


Some more geometrical figures 🙂


The right angle of the hand holding roses made from organdy material 🙂


The evening sun through the leaves, an almost  perfect circle:)


I have learned to observe geometrical figures in so many things, it is fun:)




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