The Daily Prompt : Stairways

Going up and down

We grown ups

Take stairways for granted.

And so often ,

We feel lazy to climb

And take the lift up.

Actually using stairways everyday

Would do us a lot good.

We take stairways for granted,

Forgetting those long ago days

When each step seemed

So out of reach.

Learning to climb

Was an achievement

Which took days and days

Of everyday practice.

And climbing down

Was harder than climbing up.

Once perfected the stairways

Became a thing of joy,

For every child

To keep going up and down

Till adults got tired

And carried them away

From the stairways !!












The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Admiration

Bulbuls are birds found commonly in our place. They are very persistent creatures. They build their nests at least three times a year and try very hard to build them inside houses. We have to shoo them away as we close the windows at night. Two years ago they were trying to build their nest among the curtains in our enclosed verandah. We were trying to make them go away. I was not at home for a week and when I returned the nest was built, the eggs laid and the mother was sitting in the nest. We accepted the situation and were very careful about not switching on the fan. We did not want them to get hit by the blades. Within a month the eggs were hatched, the parents were very busy feeding their babies and one day we saw the little one trying to fly. The mother would not allow me to come to the verandah while the baby was on the floor.  Soon all the four flew away. The nest was empty. We really admired their tenacity and determination to build their nest where they wanted to.







The last two photos are not very clear because I was not allowed outside while the babies were trying to fly :))


The daily Post discover Challenge : Obstacles

‘For this week’s challenge, tell us about a time when you had to deal with an obstacle in your creative process, whether it was a bad case of writer’s block, some rigid rules you had to work around, or some other limitation — financial, technical, mental — that set you back (bonus points if you share or link to the work in question!). Did you manage to transcend the obstacle, or was it too much to deal with at the time? More important: what did you learn about yourself and your creativity in the process?

I look forward to your responses!’


Reading has been a part of my life. Before I could start reading my grandfather used to read out to us. It was stories and the world of imagination. Prose of any type interests me. But poetry has always taken the back seat. I love poems which are simple and touch my heart from the beginning.  But I have not been able to understand or appreciate the prose type of poems like the works of T S Eliot. So there has always been a mental block against most types of poetry. And all those rules, rhymes and meters and so on were obstacles  in the appreciation of Poetry. Then some time ago I read in The Daily Post about Writing 101: A poem a Day. I hesitated for a moment, those mental blocks !!! Then though Why not? My first question to Ben Huberman was about any rules that I should follow. He replied, “We intentionally kept all formal rules out for this course — the only thing that matters is what your own thoughts and voice dictate.”

Before writing I read something about poetry and came across these words which really helped me, ‘Poetry, more than prose, communicates through the way the words sound and way the poem looks on the page… An important characteristic of poetry is compression, or concentrated language… a good poem has similarly been intensified by removing the non-essential words. This is one reason why poems are often short.’

The course was a wonderful experience. I found that I could express a lot with minimum words. After the course, I would give myself prompts and write something about them.    Even now I try to write poems with the Daily Prompts. But still I hesitate to call them as Poems, I prefer calling them Expressions. I still have not studied about the different Rules of Poetry. That obstacle is still there but it is not really an obstacle as I continue to write my ‘poems’. The words just come and I write them in my diary. Of course there are changes before I post them. I am enjoying myself and feel satisfied with my expressions.

Today seeing the clothes drying in the sun these thoughts came to mind,

Clotheslines out at all times
Under the sun
And with the wind
All weather things.
Clothes hanging from them
Move merrily to the
Tune of the breeze.
Under the sun,
Hanging from the clotheslines
The clothes become
Hot and fresh.
Moving to and fro
With the breeze
They express a feeling
Of freshness and cleanliness
And make the mind
Fresh and happy too.





The Daily Prompt : Solitude

Sitting by the hillside,

With Nature and solitude,

My husband and I,

Love looking at the river,

Flowing on its way

To meet the ocean,

It just moves on,

There is no flowing back

So too with our life,

We keep moving on,

We look back

But there is no going back.

I am happy with this solitude.

It is just we two

And the whole wide vista

In front of us.

Sitting on the rocks,

In the silence of togetherness

The solitude brings to mind

The beauty of nature

And the quietness of life,

This takes us into ourselves

And makes us realize

How small we are

When we understand

The vastness and antiquity

Of this planet of ours.

We are here for a very short time

And life goes on

With or without us.

End Point 10th April (6)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Colors Yellow and Red

This week’s topic is The Colors Yellow and Red.    Just like in the White and Blue Challenge you can show off photo that are basically all yellow or all red.  Plus I really encourage you to combine the both red and yellow colors in your photos.

These beautiful baskets are made from old newspapers by the teachers of the Home for the mentally Challenged. So much beauty can be made from what is thought to be a waste.




Last year we had been to London, in Hamleys shop 🙂


On our way to Hampton Court


In front of a house in Ealing Broadway 🙂


Fun foto challenge





The Daily Prompt : Whisper

Surrounded by coconut trees

Every wind and every breeze

Makes me aware

Of the whispers

Between the fronds

Of the coconut trees,

That sway to the wind.

And the gentle sound

Of the breeze

Touching the fronds

Is as if they are

Whispering to each other.

Telling about  little birds

That alight on them

For a moment

Before flying away

To do whatever they are doing

The whole long day.

They might also be whispering

About the doings

Of humans and other animals.

It would be enlightening

To listen to the whispers

Of the fronds

Of the coconut trees.






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Happy

This week’s topic is Happy.  Anything in this world that makes you feel happy or smile is allowed in this series.   It could be a beautiful land or seascape to a close up of a flower.  Your significant other, family, kids or even pets.  It could be a delicious plate of food or ice cream.  Show off your photos of things that make you happy.

Happy with my husband:)


Looking forward to being parents, daughter and son in law:))


My parents, daughter and grandson 🙂



My son and grandson 🙂DSC02284

My father-in-law with granddaughter and great grandson:)


Sunrise 🙂


Flowers 🙂


Quiet, serene temples in small hamlets, away from the crowds 🙂


And so much more:))

Fun foto challenge