Why Not ?

Recently I was reading about the life of a person who had a dream. He was a visionary who was able to make his dream a reality. It is said he used to ask ‘why not’ when others asked ‘why’. He had full confidence in himself and his dreams. This made it possible for him to realise his dreams and his legacy continues to this day.

When I was reading about him I do not know why but the first thought that came to mind was the little bulbul birds. :)) Upstairs in our home there is a small rod to hang towels near the wash basin. There is a window opposite and one to the far right. These birds build their nest at least three times in a year. Every time they come and try to build their nest on that steel rod. The twigs and dry leaves keep falling and they keep trying. I then close one window, they come through the other window. Looking at all their wasted efforts I close both the windows for some days. Then they go elsewhere. I believe they think, ‘why not’ build their nest in what they feel is a good place.

These same words makes me think of my father-in-law. End of December he had fallen and sustained a hair-line fracture in his leg. He was with us for three weeks to take rest. By God’s grace and the rest he took healed the fracture. My father-in-law was back to his place by mid-January. He was very careful for some time and when he was confident he was back to do his work in his areca gardens. He is 91 and believes in the words ‘why not’. Till last year he was not using a walking stick but he does now. These words are so positive and bring such a change in our lives.

Then these words remind me of those few precious moments when he is with us. These days, most of the time he is in his own world. But we are sure he understands a lot but is not able to express himself. My mother sits with him, holds his hands, talks to him and reads out from the book his elder brother had written. One morning when we asked whether he remembers his grand-daughter and great-grandson, he said, ‘Why not’.  These words will always be a part of my life.

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