The daily Post Discover Challenge : Memory

The postman dropped some mail in, they are either invitations or the telephone bill or something to with shares. These days, in fact, for quite some time we do not get letters. Yes, for New Year we do get some greeting cards. These are the days of e mail and SMS or the telephone.

When I saw the postman, I went down memory lane to those long ago days when my grandfather used to live with either us, or with my father’s elder brother and family. He used to write letters regularly and we used to reply. He had been a teacher of Mathematics and English. If we made any mistakes in our letters he would very lovingly tell us the correct word or the spelling in his next letter. That has become so much a part of my life that I often check the spelling if I am not very sure. And I just cannot use what is popularly called SMS language. All those short forms and spellings which I think are wrong bring to mind my grandfather’s image. Some time ago I was telling my cousins that SMS English is fascinating, it is a phonetic language, but I just cannot use it. My grandfather used to read to us from our epics and other stories and my love for books was because of his reading aloud to us.  I just cannot imagine life without books. My grandfather passed away on January 30th , 1980. To this day I have some of his letters with me and also a scrap book we made together during the Munich Olympics. I was in school them.Memories are fascinating they take us back to the past in no time and we re-live those days:)

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3 Replies to “The daily Post Discover Challenge : Memory”

  1. I used to love writing and receiving letters. I still have a whole bunch of letters that our son wrote to us when he was on Summer Camp twenty years ago. E-mails get deleted, but letters we keep and treasure. 🙂

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