The Daily Post Discover challenge : Identity

My identity is mine.

I know who I am

And what I am.

I am single entity

But there are so many

Different persons in that single ‘I’.

First I am me

I am a wife,

I am a mother,

I am a daughter,

I am a grandmother,

I am a sister

So many different roles

And in every different role

I cannot be the same

Because I relate to different people,

They perceive me according

To their way of thinking.

But, I have my own identity,

I live according to my way of thinking.

But, sometimes,

Living in a society

I have to think of others.

But that does not mean

I have act according

To how people think

I should act.


My identity is my inherent nature

And how can I live

Without that identity

Which is mine

And only mine ?

There may be others like me

Or I may be like others,

But my identity is unique,

Others cannot have it.

I am what I am.



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