The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Admiration

Bulbuls are birds found commonly in our place. They are very persistent creatures. They build their nests at least three times a year and try very hard to build them inside houses. We have to shoo them away as we close the windows at night. Two years ago they were trying to build their nest among the curtains in our enclosed verandah. We were trying to make them go away. I was not at home for a week and when I returned the nest was built, the eggs laid and the mother was sitting in the nest. We accepted the situation and were very careful about not switching on the fan. We did not want them to get hit by the blades. Within a month the eggs were hatched, the parents were very busy feeding their babies and one day we saw the little one trying to fly. The mother would not allow me to come to the verandah while the baby was on the floor.  Soon all the four flew away. The nest was empty. We really admired their tenacity and determination to build their nest where they wanted to.







The last two photos are not very clear because I was not allowed outside while the babies were trying to fly :))



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