Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Colors Blue and White

This week’s topic is The Colors Blue and White.  You can either have photos with the color Blue being predominant or White.  I  really like the color combination of blue and white together as predominant colors.  See what you can come up with to delight our eyes.The thing is to have a lot of fun… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Colors Blue and White

The daily Post Discover Challenge : Memory

The postman dropped some mail in, they are either invitations or the telephone bill or something to with shares. These days, in fact, for quite some time we do not get letters. Yes, for New Year we do get some greeting cards. These are the days of e mail and SMS or the telephone. When… Continue reading The daily Post Discover Challenge : Memory

Why Not ?

Recently I was reading about the life of a person who had a dream. He was a visionary who was able to make his dream a reality. It is said he used to ask ‘why not’ when others asked ‘why’. He had full confidence in himself and his dreams. This made it possible for him… Continue reading Why Not ?

A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

A few mornings ago I heard a lot of chirpings and twitterings outside our kitchen window. There is a flowering plant just outside and I saw a number of small birds hopping from branch to branch and also sucking from the light cream cloured flowers. I rushed for my mobile:))