The Daily Prompt : Sacrifice

Listening to my father-in-law
Talking about his younger days,
In the first half of the 20th century,
Life was so very different then,
It moved at a slower pace,
There were very few changes,
Life went on as it had for generations.
People had to work hard
And did not have much leisure
But they made it a point
To visit each other.
There was no television
Or other forms of entertainment,
So all the family members
Got together and enjoyed themselves.
But now times have changed,
Life seems to move at a faster pace,
Everyone is busy working hard
To fulfill their wants and needs.
Somewhere along the way
Family bonds and meetings
Have been sacrificed.
Everywhere we see people
Busy with their mobiles,
Connecting with people far away,
And very often living
More in the virtual world.
Thus people living together
Are being sacrificed
For that virtual world
And the virtual friends.
But life changes as we move on,
We have to change ,
We cannot live in the past.



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