Little Things

Little things are so little,they often seem to be insignificant. They are there and we take them for granted and forget them. But many a time they are the most significant things in our life. We do not miss what we have never had but when we have something and they are taken away from us, it becomes difficult to get used to their absence. Some never do and keep longing for what they have lost. We realise their importance only when we no longer have them with us.

I remember my father going for his long walks in the morning and in the evening without fail. Now, when I see him on the bed all the time I think about those days when he had to walk using the walking stick in the beginning and later the walker. Then, it seemed sad that he had to use a walker but now we hope he will at least be able to walk using them. How life changes! Being able to get up, walk slowly to the next room seems a dream now. Dreams do become a reality and we live in hope.

When our grandson learned to say words and then sentences, it had been very nice to follow his expressions. Expressing ourselves with or without language becomes a part of lives and we really do not think much about it until we stop using it. Most of the time my father lies with his eyes closed, never saying anything. My mother talks to him and reads to him. He understands what we tell him but he does not speak or is not able to speak. And when he does speak a few sentences it fills us with joy. We never thought listening to those few words would be so exciting. Little things.

Many a time I wonder what is in store for us. We think we are in control but little things, seemingly insignificant, change the very course of our life. I remember this poem which appealed to me long back and I had written it down. I do not know who has written it.

‘Too often we do not realise what we have until it is gone.

Too often we wait too late to say, ‘I am sorry I was wrong.

Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones we hold dearest to heart.

And we allow foolish things to tear our lives apart.

Far too many times we let unimportant things into our minds,

And then it is usually too late to see what made us blind.

So be sure that you let people know how much they mean to you.

Take the time to say the words before your time is through.

Be sure that you appreciate everything you have got.

And be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot.’








By Lakshmi Bhat

I am a person who believes there is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of a small candle. We live in a small place in South India. I love reading, blogging, stitching, traveling, photography, listening to people and many other things which make life so very nice and interesting. Blogging is a fun experience, it has brought me into contact with people in different parts of the world and it is good to read about their everyday life. In spite of the differences there is a sameness which is fascinating. I have learnt and am learning something everyday. I have learnt to write haikus. I enjoy combining the thought and the number of syllables. I have always read books and I was happy to write short fiction. I had thought I would not be able to do so. Stream of Consciousness and photo challenges are fun too. Yes, there is so much in life that is sad and that hurts us. Many a time I wonder why life is so unfair to so many. We all have problems in life but the problems of many seems unbearable. This makes me feel so helpless. It is not possible to help everyone but we can do our bit, we can do something to help some in whatever way we can. Due to the pandemic I could not go to the Home for the mentally challenged for two years. I had been going there since 2011. I have started going again. I was happy that some members remembered me :) All of them are an important part of my life. There have been many challenges in life and we have faced them with a positive approach. Our grandson and granddaughter have made our lives richer.


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