The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Apology

Ours is a small place on top of a hill. It was quiet and serene place with trees and valleys. There were so many different types of birds here. This was so till about a decade ago. But now so much has changed. The place is small because that cannot be changed. In the name of development trees have been cut down, valleys filled and has made way for a concrete jungle. Every day as I come back walking home, I see the concrete jungle I send out a heartfelt apology to Mother Earth. Not only for the concrete jungle all over the place but for all those borewells sucking out water. I can do something in a small way but what can common people do against the power and wealth of those who are so greedy for more wealth and more power ? We can just say sorry and pray for the best.







8 Replies to “The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Apology”

  1. Sad indeed to see the natural world disappear before one’s eyes. People do need shelter and water, but there are ways and means to mitigate damage, and this requires communal will. Greedy people, left to their own devices, do very ugly things, don’t they.

  2. I too feel sad at the ugly levels of greed that seem to feed so-called ‘development’. I think there are so many ways in which we could make all the things we need differently, without spoiling the Earth so viciously in the process. I think too that we can use our own personal spending power to make planet-friendly choices in the things we buy. When many people do this together, it really can make a difference. However, persuading our political leaders to make the choices we would like to see, too often seems to fall on deaf ears! Perhaps we must just shout louder! 🙂

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