The Daily Prompt : Pensive

Sun sets for the day,

Those moments of dusk,

Though beautiful,

Are sometimes,

Pensive moments.

One more day has gone by,

Leaving us wondering

About the coming days.

What is in store for us,

We just never know.

We do our best

And prepare for the future.

But, life can give us surprises,

And leave us helpless,


‘We never thought

This would happen to us.’

Sun has set in our part of the world,

And has risen somewhere else.

Life goes on.

Wherever one lives,

Human nature is the same,

Good, the bad and the ugly.

Dusk and pensive thoughts

Sometimes come  together.

Mannupalla (3)








3 Replies to “The Daily Prompt : Pensive”

  1. Our sun is nowhere near setting as it’s just five twenty in the late afternoon. Perhaps you have a different one to us! Tonight though, the moon will shine high in the western sky and then dip down to the north western horizon. If the clouds thin a little, it will be really bright. The moon we see is definitely the Indian one though. She just likes to share herself out among everybody wise enough to look for her. Sleep well, India.

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